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What is made good today, can be made better tomorrow!

We have been pursuing an active sustainability strategy for years. Yet we asked ourselves what more we could do.

Climate neutral companyAs a modern service company in the logistics sector, we want to face up to our responsibility towards the environment and future generations. We actively pursue to constantly reduce our operational CO2 emissions and to commit ourselves to sustainable business. Through various measures, we have already succeeded in working in a more climate- and resource-friendly way.

What we have implemented so far

1. Modernization of technology and software

By updating hardware and software and optimizing work processes, we have managed to further reduce energy consumption and go paperless as far as possible. Documents are predominantly transmitted electronically.

2. Buildings

Another measure is the company’s own sustainable electricity production through the acquisition of a photovoltaic system at the Ostfildern site near Stuttgart, which already covers most of the company’s own electricity requirements. The Bremen site is already heated by a heat pump.

3. Corporate fleet

We are actively converting the fleet to electric mobility or hybrid vehicles supported by electric motors that can be charged by our own electricity production.

4. Commitment of each individual

Each employee makes an individual contribution. Already more than half regularly use bicycles or public transport to get to work. In addition, Pandemic has taught us to integrate online meetings and mobile working into our daily work routine. This ensures the reduction of commuting and business trips, saving CO2 and resources.

5. Support for sustainable projects

We had our CO2 balance determined and fully compensated for the emissions. In this way, three climate projects certified with the Gold Standard were supported within one year. Learn more here:

… despite all optimization, we produce CO2.

For the future, we also want to operate our way of working on a path that is as environmentally friendly as possible and continue to lower the emissions produced!

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