Successful sustainability initiatives to further reduce CO2 and increase energy efficiency

Ostfildern, Frankfurt, Bremen – We are pleased to announce renewed progress in our sustainability efforts, further underlining our commitment to corporate social responsibility and efficient resource management. Last year, ASTRACON was able to reduce emitted CO2 emissions by an impressive 110 tons. This success is a direct result of our comprehensive strategy to promote sustainable mobility as well as the implementation of general energy saving and efficiency improvement measures.

Further transition to electromobility

A key component of our environmental strategy is the ongoing conversion of our fleet. By investing in more electric vehicles, we are setting new standards for sustainable mobility within the company. This changeover not only helps to reduce CO2 emissions, it also optimizes the efficiency and sustainability of our entire fleet.

Expansion in the use of solar energy

As part of our commitment to increasingly cover our energy requirements with renewable energies, we have been able to significantly expand our photovoltaic system areas. These expansion measures enable us to cover a larger proportion of our energy requirements directly with solar energy, which further reduces our environmental impact.

Looking to the future

These initiatives are just one part of our comprehensive efforts. We strive to continuously improve our processes and further minimize our environmental footprint through innovative solutions. Sustainable action and environmental responsibility are and will remain an integral part of our strategy.


“The latest progress in our fleet conversion, the expansion of solar energy and the further reduction of emissions show how seriously we take our role in sustainable corporate governance. Every step we take to reduce our CO2 emissions is a step towards a responsible future for all.”

Bernd Rehberg
Frankfurt am Main/FRA
Head of Operation & Environmental Officer

Katjana Pieper
Head of People & Culture

Patrik Häbe
General Manager

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