CO2 differentiation of the truck toll in Germany


Introduction of CO2 differentiation of the truck toll in Germany from December 1, 2023

The “Third Act on the Amendment of Tolling Regulations” („Drittes Gesetz zur Änderung mautrechtlicher Vorschriften”) introduces significant changes to the calculation of the truck toll in Germany.

As part of efforts to make transport policy more environment-friendly and to promote sustainable transport solutions, the German Bundestag passed the “Third Act to Amend Tolling Regulations” (Bundestag printed paper 20/8092) in June 2023. This will result in important changes to the calculation of the truck toll in Germany, which will take effect from December 1, 2023. This legislative amendment introduces a CO2 differentiation for the truck toll in Germany – thus the CO2 emission class of a truck will be a new tariff feature.

From its introduction on December 1, 2023, we can expect some significant changes in the prices of road haulage in the transport business. Our aim is to continue to offer competitive transport solutions.

What do these changes mean?

CO2-dependent toll rates

The toll rates will be extended and in a new version will not only be differentiated according to the number of axles and weight of the truck, but also according to CO2 emissions. Vehicles with higher emission values will have to pay correspondingly higher tolls. The costs of environmental damage are to be integrated into the transport costs.

More climate-friendly vehicles

The change in the law is intended to create an incentive for carriers to invest in lower-emission truck technologies. Vehicles that cause lower CO2 emissions should benefit from lower toll rates. The adjustment of toll charges should reflect the “polluter pays” principle.

Impact on prices

O.T.S. ASTRACON strives to minimize the impact on its customers while taking its responsibility to protect the environment most seriously. We work closely with our partners to increase the efficiency of transport routes and minimize the impact of toll changes.

We are available to answer your questions

We understand that this means a change for everyone involved in freight and system logistics. Please do not hesitate to contact your ASTRACON contact person for detailed information on the effects of this change on your freight costs.

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