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Do you know our info page on Unit Load Devices (ULD) for air cargo?

As a service provider in the air transport industry, we provide our customers and partners with an overview of the typical ULDs in international air freight transport.

In air freight, both pallets and containers must be designed and used specifically for the type of aircraft involved. This is done using Unit Load Devices (ULDs), special containers and pallets designed for the safe and efficient transport of cargo by air. These customized cargo containers play a crucial role in optimizing loading processes and securing cargo during transport.

We have prepared an informative page on Unit Load Devices (ULD) for use in air cargo:

1. ULD types and loadability:

Learn more about the different types of ULDs used in air cargo as well as their loadability on different cargo aircraft.

2. ULD dimensions and IATA contours:

Info on the dimensions of ULDs standardized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Knowing them is crucial to correctly select ULDs according to aircraft types.

3. ULD ID codes:

Information on the ID codes assigned to each major ULD type. These codes facilitate the identification and tracking of ULDs throughout the freight process.

4. Stowage volume, weight and carrying capacity:

Learn how much cargo each ULD model can hold and its maximum load capacity.

If you need further advice, we look forward to answering your questions – our team of experts will be happy to help you optimize your freight handling and get the best out of it by using suitable ULDs!

Visit our info page on Unit Load Devices and expand your knowledge:

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